Shaping New Beginnings. One Step At A Time.

boy-playing-one-on-oneOn Solid Ground Inc. has a commitment to listen for that which matters most and to reliably deliver comprehensive and professional services to children, families and organizations. 

It is our aim to be a sought after model for delivering quality, effective, evidenced based interventions that maximize each child's growth and development.

We believe that one on one care and attention with your child can not only improve behaviour but can also shape improved relationships and interactions with your family and community members. We strive to work collaboratively with your family to increase awareness and understanding of your child's behaviour and learning needs.

On Solid Ground Inc. helps your child learn necessary life skills through proven behaviour-based skills development programs using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

ABA is a well documented science. On Solid Ground Inc. well supervised behaviour intervention programs that are based on the principles of ABA, can be a highly effective approach for individuals with autism to learn many new skills; skills that positively impact your family and your community.

On Solid Ground Inc. behaviour intervention services will teach and develop your child's abilities:

  • using a one-on-one approach 
  • incorporating teaching practices that are fun and engaging and most optimal for your child's learning and development
  • targeting goals across a broad range of areas including: attending and cooperation, language and communication, imitation/echoics, gross and fine motor, visual performance, social interactions, play & leisure, self-help, community, pre-vocational and academic or pre-academic skills.

On Solid Ground Inc. will address your child's development and programming with a commitment to:

  • ensure that On Solid Ground Inc. therapists are well trained and supervised and are delivering the most effective intervention
  • ensure a collaborative process that combines coaching and development in the principles of ABA for all individuals involved with your child
  • ensure that a solid foundation for your child's learning and abilities is prioritized
  • ensure that program changes are done in a timely manner in order to maintain and/or improve your child's rate of learning
  • ensure that interfering or problematic behaviours are addressed and that treatment plans are backed by latest research and with an emphasis on lasting behaviour change
  • ensure a fun and structured environment is designed to promote optimal learning for your child
  • ensure a vision and the need for long term planning for future transition to school or  supported work environments

On Solid Ground Inc. has developed individualized ABA based programs for individuals with the following:


  • Autism Spectrum Disorders  / Pervasive Developmental Disorders
  • Developmental Delay
  • Speech / Language Delays
  • Down's-Syndrome
  • ADHD

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