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Our Process For Delivering Services and What You Can Expect:

Our goal is to truly understand your child and family needs.  We understand that you know your child best, and with our support we will work with you to provide an objective view of the skills and developmental areas that may be important for your child’s learning and growth.

Assessment is an ongoing process and will occur both at the onset of service and throughout the entire service delivery period.  We will be continuously observing and assessing your child during sessions in an effort to forward your child in his/her skills development. 

At On Solid Ground Inc., our goal is to create individualized programs for individuals with autism and developmental delays – to help them build behaviours and skills for a fuller and more productive life.

We give our commitment to coach and empower…

  • parents and family
  • caregivers
  • instructor therapists
  • educators
  • service providers

…to work with individuals with autism to guide them to become the best that they can be.

We believe in collaboration and increasing the awareness and understanding of the principles of human behaviour and learning theory (Applied Behaviour Analysis – ABA). Our strategies and programs positively influence the lives of individuals with autism, their caregivers and families.

On Solid Ground Inc. provides services through the Direct Funding Option (DFO) as per the Ministry of Children and Youth Services new Ontario Autism Program” (click here for link)

ABA Services & Program Supervision

Introductory ABA Sessions:
3 - 9 hours a week

Focused ABA:
10 - 25 hours a week

Comprehensive ABA:
Intensive Behavioural Intervention
25 - 40 hours a week

  • one-to-one intervention
  • skills assessment
  • prioritization and identification of goals
  • individualized program planning
  • ongoing progress evaluation
  • parent coaching and skill building
  • school/daycare/camp collaboration and consultation

Functional Assessment / Functional Analysis

Assessment and treatment planning for more complex behaviour issues that may be interfering with your child’s learning (i.e. repetitive motor or vocal mannerisms, aggression, self injury)

For Parents and Caregivers:
All-in-1 "Ready, Set, Go!" Packages

Individualized program outline, data tracking sheets, coaching, modeling and follow-up.

  • Package 1: “Goodbye Diapers” (Toilet training - Urine or Bowel Training)
  • Package 2: “Good Night” (Sleep/bedtime issues)
  • Package 3: “Yum!” (Eating, mealtime and food selectivity/restriction issues)
  • Package 4: “I Can Do It!” (Developing independence with self-help skills)
  • Package 5: “Okay, I Will!” (Learning to listen and follow instructions)
  • Package 6: "Joining In" (Community skills)

Parent-Child Behaviour Skill Building Sessions 

Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions to develop your child’s skills in congruence with ABA services.

School Consultation

Individual Education Plan (IEP) collaboration and support for professionals who may be working with your child, in congruence with ABA services.